Predicting Maladaptive Human Behavior

Our Solutions

We create technologies that utilizes the power of data to detect and predict. Our technical solutions are based on the latest technologies combining AI, psychology, psychometrics and linguistic into powerful predictive instruments.


Detecting risk of violent behavior

Our technologies can be used for threat assessment of written communication.


Detect toxic language in communication

Our technologies can be used to detect toxic language in communication on different languages.


Detect risk of suicide

Our technologies can be used to detect and assess risk of suicid based on written communication.


Psychological fingerprint

Our technologies help talent management specialists to identify reliable candidates for all positions, especially positions where security matters.

On going projects

We are involved in several projects together with partners, researchers and clients. We develop state-of-the-art technologies that extracts insights from data.

Online harms

We are conducting a study about what kind of harms young people meet online. We use our technologies to provide insights to the amount and content of the presence of some of the online harms on a number of different platforms.

The study is a collaboration with several partners including Prinsparets stiftelse, Uppsala University, and Stockholm University.

Detecting toxic language in Swedish chats

Together with a partner we are testing how toxic language detection can be used to create a more productive and welcoming chat environment

Our technologies for detecting toxic language currently operates on Swedish and English.

Threats from the inside

Our tool Psync is used for deep analysis of personality and the risk of maladaptive behavior. The tool is used for talent management for positions where security matters.

About Mind Intelligence Lab

Mind Intelligence Lab is the global leader in providing tools that detects and predicts unwanted behaviour. Our customers and users are authorities, companies, law enforcement, psychologists, threat assessment teams, and more.

The compnay was founded to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and real applications. We got tired that our research's results were never used to solve real-world problems. By making our technologies accessible, we believe that we can protect humanity from online harms and make the internet a safer place.